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Welcome to English Language Ireland (ELI) School Where You Not Only Learn English Faster and Better While Having Fun, But Also …

As the new school year is moving into a full swing, parents and teachers alike might start pondering an overseas English learning programme to help take students’ English to the next level. EduTravelBright, your educational consultant with insider knowledge of youth exchanges and language stays across Europe, hopes to assist you in making the best choice in the best of your students’ interests.

Over the past years, the upsurge in demand for study tours from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China has unfortunately also allowed the co-existence of quality programmes with poor-value-for-money tours. The latter resemble more package tours than a genuine purpose-built learning and intercultural experience for young people - Day-in, day-out groups of students comprising mainly native Chinese speakers learn, play and live within the same group. Such an imbalance in the international student mix during the language stay will defeat the purpose of giving Chinese students a maximum exposure to the English language everywhere in an English speaking country.

All these can be changed for the better with our exclusive ELI Junior Programmes – Total language and cultural immersion guaranteed! 

Share Your Passion For English

Join ELI’s Junior Course and get a lifetime of experience and memories of uniquely Irish hospitality, learning and new friendships formed in the quietness of a charming rural setting in the county town of Carlow, just one hour from Dublin, the Irish capital.

Inspirational Youth Travel Program

English Immersion, Geo-Eco and Cultural Tours

10 Reasons to Study English in Ireland

#1 - High Educational Standards - Not only known as a welcoming and friendly country, Ireland s also famous for its high standards of English language training, quality of its education system and integration of foreign students.

#2 -  Clear and Easy-to-Understand Irish Accent, making English studies easier for day-by-day practising - Irish people living in counties surrounding Dublin (majority of the population) speak with a metropolitan accent strongly influenced by the British accent yet retaining their own charm. The Irish accent was voted by British adults in a 2014 YouGov survey as the most attractive English accent in Britain, even ahead of the BBC accent!

#3 - Refreshing Landscapes – Get your child reconnected with Nature - Beautiful Ireland with its refreshing landscapes – unspoiled countryside, rugged coastlines, breathtaking cliffs, glistening waterways, medieval castles and endless greens - offers your child a sweet escape from the stressful city life. 

#4 - 100% Homestay with police vetted welcoming Irish host families => Safety & English language immersion - 100% homestay with vetted caring families to allow your child to have a maximum exposure to the English language and Irish culture. It’s ELI policy NEVER to place two students of the same native language with the same host family.

#5 - Build international friendships - 80% of ELI students are from Europe and Irish Study Buddies join summer class to give maximum exposure to the English language.

#6 - Broaden your child's world views of people of different cultures, languages and backgrounds; enjoy the uniquely Irish hospitality (host family and neighbourhood).

#7 - Journey to self-discovery and self confidence building for your child where he systematically needs to resort to the English language in daily life in order to communicate with people around him.

#8 - Unleash your child's creativity as he/she expresses himself/herself through sports, games, music and dance.

#9 - Great value for money programme - very reasonably priced.

#10 - Loved by agents, parents and students. Read and watch their testimonials. Stop Press: Latest Satisfaction survey - 95% students rated the course VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT.


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