Horse Riding Plus

The magical charm of the Emerald Isle makes Ireland an ideal destination for Horseback Riding. Few countries revere the horse as much as the Irish and horseback riding is deeply woven into the culture.

The rural countryside of Carlow (Barrow River Valley) with its stone walls, green fields and rolling hills provides an idyllic setting to explore trail riding in company with a good horse.

The sessions are held at the Equestrian Centre where Special Olympic Team Candidates train. The centre provides:

  • 40 horses/ponies

  • Supporting staff

  • Indoor and Outdoor Arenas

  • Cross Country and Trekking

  • Max Number riding at the same time = 15

  • Proposal to split the group of 30 into 2 – first group riding while second group do stable management and then, vice versa 


1 additional week 

Programme essentials

  • Effective English learning, interactive classroom

  • Native TESL teachers, Irish buddies, international mix (mainly from Europe)

  • Campus: Presentation College Carlow

  • Excursions to discover beautiful Ireland and its rich culture

  • Homestay with caring and welcoming Irish host families

  • 1 week Horse Riding experience 


  • Developing balance and improving coordination and motor function
  • Enhancing Spatial awareness
  • Developing responsibility, patience, self-discipline increase self-confidence (caring for an animal much larger than yourself) 

Final week

Realisation & SEO Simplébo

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