Premium Horse Riding Plus


1 additional week 

Programmation essentials

  • 15 hours English tuition

  • Saturday excursions

  • Homestay

  • Free optional evening activities

  • Malahide, most affluent village of Greater Dublin (30 minutes suburban train ride from Dublin centre)

  • 100% international mix

  • 1 week Horse Riding

Why not combine the culture and leisure activities with Horse Riding so that your English summer camp experience in Malahide will end on a high note?

There are kilometres and kilometres of open beach, woodlands and parklands in idyllic Ireland which are ideal for a gallop and the horses always love it. 


  • Developing balance and improving coordination and motor function
  • Enhancing Spatial awareness
  • Developing responsibility, patience, self-discipline increase self-confidence (caring for an animal much larger than yourself) 

Final week

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