Premium Sailing Plus


1 additional week 

Programmation essentials

  • 15 hours English tuition

  • Saturday excursions

  • Homestay

  • Free optional evening activities

  • Malahide, most affluent village of Greater Dublin (30 minutes suburban train ride from Dublin centre)

  • 100% international mix

  • 1 week Sailing experience 

Go Sailing with the Malahide Sailing Club which has long experience to teach our youths to love to sail!. In Ireland, this is an experience not reserved for the well-heeled!

You will enjoy this sailing experience with both the
Irish youths and the international students and • enlarge your real-life English vocabulary in other areas. 


  • Building self-confidence (piloting your own craft not the same as biking!) 
  • Developing a good sense of direction 
  • Enhancing spatial awareness 
  • Acquiring weather knowledge 
  • Learning the shipshape habits 

Final week

Realisation & SEO Simplébo

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